ACA Certified Canyon Training

Arizona Rock & Canyon Adventures specializes in top to bottom canyon specific training. Regardless of course, our number one priority is to meet or exceed participant expectations and deliver the best experience possible. Below you will find an overview of our typical canyoneering training sessions along with a brief description of what you should expect to walk away with after class. Detailed information can always be accessed by following the associated "Learn More" link for each topic. All topics are taught based upon the American Canyoneering Academy standards and are certain to add value to your set of tools, opening up several options pre, mid, or post canyon for solving the task at hand.



Inquire with any interest regarding training as courses are not always advertised on the calendar of events. Most requests can easily be accommodated and are scheduled to meet demand and client expectations.


Canyoneering Courses

Intro to Canyoneering SQ.JPG

Level 1 - intro to canyoneering

The perfect introduction to the world of canyoneering. This course focuses on mastering the basic skills that will follow you and be built upon throughout your canyoneering career. This course teaches the basic skills needed to safely descend easy canyons as a team member with competent leaders and mentors.


level 2 - technical canyoneering

Expanding upon the basics, we begin to evaluate skills that become more involved and allow individuals to grow into a technically competent and reliable team member. Technical Canyoneering provides students with the intermediate anchor, rigging and on-rope skills needed to become contributing team members with competent leaders and mentors.


Level 3 - Advanced Canyoneering

Advanced technical ropework, problem solving, improvising, and the ability to critically work your way through issues higher level canyons can possess. Advanced Canyoneering provides students with the advanced rigging and rescue skills needed to become effective problem-solvers for a team of canyoneers.


Level 4 - Practical application

Practical application pushes your knowledge with challenging real world applications, utilizing only the tools on hand. Additionally, contrived situations and scenarios will challenge your problem solving, and technical rope work.


Canyon leader/guide Course

Not solely for professional guides; leadership skills are essential for clubs and youth program volunteers, and are extremely useful for anyone who descends canyons with less experienced partners. 


Canyon rigging & Rescue

Canyon Rigging & Rescue focuses on self rescue and companion rescue, quick access to an injured or stranded patient/group from above or below, providing escape assistance and applying specialized rescue techniques in situations that do not require a litter.




On rope techniques, companion rescue

On Rope Techniques, companion rescue focuses on becoming competent and comfortable ascending or descending regardless of any impediments such as knots in the rope or gear restrictions. Safe and efficient ascending, transitioning, and getting out of simple jams


basic anchors & rigging

This workshop will focus on teaching how to evaluate, construct, and move the group safely through basic anchors commonly seen in canyons.


Advanced anchors & rigging

This workshop focuses on the principals of advanced canyon anchor building, identifying natural anchor choices, advanced rigging scenarios, common anchor construction projects, soft starts, and working to safely meet the demands of the team.


Core Rope work

This workshop covers rope skills from across the board to boost the depth of your rope related problem solving.


potholes & aid climbing

Various ways to approach those keepers that can often have the group getting crafty as you problem solve your way up and out.


canyon rescue

This workshop will vary by topic and focus on a specific rescue application such as lowering, hauling, mechanical advantage, pick-offs, etc...


custom Canyon training

Totally custom day based on your groups requirements.