Core Rope Work

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Core Rope Work...

Clean and efficient rope skills play a huge role while descending canyons. Understanding various techniques regarding core rope work allows one to approach various problems encountered and utilize a variety of tools to overcome the challenge at hand. This workshop covers rope skills from across the board to boost the depth of your rope related problem solving.


We will spend the day focusing on a very particular set of skills using a hands on approach that allows each individual to practice and master the techniques presented.


Technical skills covered

  • Retrievable Guided Rappel

  • Various Tension Techniques

  • Protected Traverses

  • Deviations/Redirects

  • Rope Management

  • Creeping

  • Tail Up Retrievable Rigging

  • Multi Pitch Considerations

  • Rappel-Lower

  • Counter Weight Rappels

  • Simultaneous Rappels


Typical Cost $95

Duration: 1 Day

Please check our calendar of events for a current list of scheduled training sessions.


Custom Training 

Training can also be customized and scheduled based on your availability. Feel free to contact us any time to inquire about your desired topic and we can discuss available dates and participant minimums.   

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