Potholes & Aid Climbing

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Potholes & Aid Climbing...

Various ways to approach those keepers that can often have the group getting crafty as you problem solve your way up and out. Working out ways around when possible, or tackling the challenges head on out of necessity or simply to test your skills. We will cover several common approaches of pothole/aid climbing and ways to manage the group to keep things moving as smoothly as the canyon allows.   

We will spend the day focusing on a very particular set of skills using a hands on approach that allows each individual to practice and master the techniques presented.


Technical skills covered

  • Staying out/Working Around

  • Climbing/scrambling

  • Sequencing

  • Group Movement

  • Human Ladders

  • People Toss

  • Pack Tosses

  • Sand Bags

  • Hooking

  • Smooth Aid Ascending 


Typical Cost $95

Duration: 1 Day

Please check our calendar of events for a current list of scheduled training sessions.


Custom Training 

Training can also be customized and scheduled based on your availability. Feel free to contact us any time to inquire about your desired topic and we can discuss available dates and participant minimums.   

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