Practical Application

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Practical Application...

Practicing your skills in an environment that resembles real world application can be quite telling and often will allow the finer nuances of particular situations to become more apparent. Practical Application will work on evaluating, problem solving, and contriving issues that can certainly be encountered in the depth of the canyons. Staying within the participants desired skill set, we will work to help refine your tools, look at several ways to accomplish situations, and stress the use of situations found commonly in canyon.

Variable scheduling based on subject going over core concepts with some time spent in a classroom type environment and the bulk of the time outdoors putting skills to use.  


Technical skills covered

  • Dependent upon skills requested by participants


Typical Cost -Variable

Duration: Variable

Please check our calendar of events for a current list of scheduled training sessions.


Custom Training 

Training can also be customized and scheduled based on your availability. Feel free to contact us any time to inquire about your desired topic and we can discuss available dates and participant minimums.   

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