Sign up sheet available under the camp Ramada
Contingent upon road closures

This is an off site overnight. Drive up to camp the evening April 12th, descend canyon the morning of the 13th.
Feel free to get in touch for more details

This is a delightful rarely run remote canyon that was first descended a few years ago, the largest rap descends a 150 foot waterfall and presents the opportunity to explore the Pueblo Ruins that are present across the middle of this canyon run. 

This canyon drops almost 3,000 feet over 16 rappels and experiences the high elevation ponderosa pine forest to the desert floor.  The full Pueblo canyon requires a 5 hours shuttle; therefore, we are requesting a $15 dollar fee to pay the shuttle driver.  We only have 9 spaces available and 6 of the participants will need to sit in the back of a truck bed forthe drive, unless you want to figure out your own shuttle. 

We will be camping at the top of Aztec peak on Wednesday night (after Parker in the Dark), and will return to Roosevelt Lake on Thursday after completing the canyon.  This is a really unique canyon displaying some of the beauty of the Arizona wilderness.  Splash pants and light neoprene top (or raincoat) are appropriate for this primarily class B canyon.


Pueblo canyon is a remote back country trip that will require attention to detail, overall personal and group safety. Most likely, a long and slow self rescue and or in canyon bivy would be uncommon should any injuries take place. This is not a guided trip and all participants must remain fully aware of their surroundings and exercise personal and group safety and attention to detail. You will need camping gear to sleep at the top of Aztec peak.