Sign up sheets will be available under the camp Ramada to RSVP

We will descend Parker Canyon under a nearly full moon while using ridiculous number of glow sticks to light up the participants and the canyon.  This will be a unique experience to enjoy one of the class C canyon in Arizona, at night.

This trip will start during daylight but be dark, cold, and wet by the time we exit...... Do not RSVP unless you are prepared to deal with these conditions.

This trip will most likely take around 5-7 hours to complete, it will have us returning to camp late.

Participants Must:

• Be prepared for a cold, wet, dark trip.

• Have a dry suit or wet suit along with appropriate layers to keep warm

• Bring all technical gear required to complete Parker canyon - this is not a guided trip and everyone needs to be proactive and learn about the canyon before hand. Know the entries, the exits, and the recommended gear. This info is readily available online.

• Bring two waterproof headlamps in working condition, along with fresh batteries for each.

• Be comfortable with limited visibility during the approach, descent, and exit. 

• Work well in a group and look out for one another.