Basic Anchors & Rigging


Basic Anchors & Rigging


Evaluating and rigging basic canyon anchors.

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Basic Anchors & Rigging...

Evaluating, rigging, and descending common canyoneering anchors safely is a skill all team members will benefit from. With a multitude of both natural and artificial anchors encountered in the canyon, understanding the principals of location, construction, and descent is key. This workshop will focus on teaching how to evaluate, construct, and move the group safely through basic anchors commonly seen in canyons.

Technical skills covered

  • Anchor Location
  • Anchor Construction
  • Single Point Anchors
  • Mulitpoint Anchors
  • Cinching Wrap
  • Edge Protection
  • Sequencing
  • Double Rope Technique
  • Single Rope Technique
  • Setting Rope Length
  • Rigging Static
  • Rigging Releasable