• Camp Location (map)
  • 34.98023, -111.79144
  • Sedona

Join us Friday after work for 3 nights of camping and running canyons on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. You can do any or all based on you skill and comfort level or just come up to hang out for the weekend. 

Depending on group size, weather and available leaders we can do this in several smaller groups. Let me know if you would lead a group. We plan on doing the following canyons in no particilar order:

Insomnia Canyon  4B-IIIR
Illusions Canyon  3B-IIIR
Immaculate Canyon  3B-III

You are responsible for your own safety. This is not a guided tour. You will need to be an active team member. You need to be proficient and competent in all aspects of canyoneering .


tom@azrockandcanyon.com | 480-888-6953