• Starbucks (map)
  • 2501 West Happy Valley Road
  • Phoenix, AZ, 85085
  • United States

You are responsible for your own safety. This is not a guided tour. You will need to be an active team member. You need to be proficient and competent in all aspects of canyoneering .

 Sundance is a great canyon in the Clear Creek area that is fun any summer day to beat the heat of the valley. Wetsuits should be worn as some areas don't ever see much sun and they are cold! Catch Sundance at the right time and you may amaze some hikers who regularly wander to the base of this canyon to soak in the beauty at the bottom of the final 200' rappel. This canyon is not for beginners. Canyoneering experience is needed. 

Please call or email me with questions. 

tom@azrockandcanyon.com | 480-888-6953