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ACA certified Pro Canyon Guides are individuals who have attained and demonstrated a high level of technical competence through rigorous training and examination that meets and exceeds international standards. For prospective clients and students, ACA certification provides a decisive tool for choosing the right guide/instructor to help them achieve their objectives.

Pro Canyon Guide -- Step by Step

1. Must be current Fixed Site / Single Pitch Canyon Guide or ACA Canyon Leader. Exceptions can be made for:

(a) Individuals who have already accumulated at least 80 canyon guiding days and present letters of recommendation from 2 currently certified Pro Canyon Guides.

(b) Individuals who hold or have held equivalent certification from another recognized organization.

2. Get out and descend canyons! Practice your skills.

3. Complete the ACA's Level II Leader/Guide Course.

4. Pass the ACA's Level II Leader/Guide Assessment.

5. Submit a Canyon Resume that reflects the following:

  • minimum of 100 canyon descents;
  • minimum of 10 unique canyons descended;
  • minimum of 40 canyons descended in which you performed in a lead role, at least 5 of which must have been done with a current ACA-certified Pro Canyon Guide as mentor AFTER the Level II Assessment.

Typical Cost: Varies

Duration: Varies

Please check our calendar of events for a current list of scheduled training sessions.


Custom Training 

Training can also be customized and scheduled based on your availability. Feel free to contact us any time to inquire about your desired topic and we can discuss available dates and participant minimums.   

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