Eagle Screwlock Carabiner

Eagle Screwlock Blue.jpg
Eagle Screwlock Blue.jpg

Eagle Screwlock Carabiner

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From AZ Rock:
The Eagle is a large HMS shaped carabiner that has a smooth lock, generous sized working end, great look, and makes for a perfect locker for your canyoneering rack. Great size for your descender, enough room for nearly any and all gear, and building various mechanical advantage progressions with stacked cordage or slings works well without overcrowding.  

Manufacturer Info:
The Eagle is a large pear-shaped carabiner. Crafted with high-strength 7075-T6 aluminum and a superb gate and sleeve action, the keylock nose construction keeps the carabiner from snagging on gear or the rope.

Product Specs

Gate Opening: 1.10" (28mm)
Major Axis: 25kN
Minor Axis: 7kNOpen: 7kN
Shape: Large Pear
Weight: 92g