Advanced Anchors & Rigging

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Advanced Anchors & Rigging


Evaluating and constructing advanced canyoneering anchors and rigging techniques

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Advanced Anchors & Rigging...

Advanced Anchors & Rigging covers techniques used when obvious bomber anchor selection is limited, the canyon demands advanced rigging, groups must deal with tricky starts, and improvising available resources to safely keep the team making forward progress. Many unbolted or seemingly barren canyons typically offer a feature that can be rigged or natural resources to begin several variations of construction projects. This workshop focuses on the principals of advanced canyon anchor building, identifying natural anchor choices, advanced rigging scenarios, common anchor construction projects, soft starts, and working to safely meet the demands of the team.

Technical skills covered

  • Effects of Friction
  • Sequencing
  • Human Anchors
  • Sand Bags
  • Marginal Anchors
  • Dead Man Anchors
  • Chock Anchors
  • Courtesy Starts
  • Guided Rappels
  • Lowering
  • Traverses
  • Dead Man Switch
  • Twin Rope Systems
  • Retrievable Rigging