Advanced Climbing Anchors


Advanced Climbing Anchors...

Take what you learned from us in our basic anchors class and take it to the next level.  Learned to build safe anchors in very hard to deal with places.  You will learn to make anchors with little to no gear.  A truly challenging class.

We will spend 2 days together going over core concepts with some time spent in a classroom type environment and the bulk of the time outdoors putting the freshly acquired skills to use.  


Basic skills covered

  • Understanding Natural Anchors

  • Advanced Passive Chocks Placement

  • Mechanical Chocks (SLCDs) Placement

  • Fixed Gear

  • Fall Factor Risks and Assessments

  • Applicable Knots, Bends and Hitches

  • Advanced Belay Anchors

  • Advanced Trad Anchors


Typical Cost $190

Duration: 2 Days

Please check our calendar of events for a current list of scheduled training sessions.


Custom Training 

Training can also be customized and scheduled based on your availability. Feel free to contact us any time to inquire about your desired topic and we can discuss available dates and participant minimums.   

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